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League of Legends regularly hosts tournaments and championships with large prize pools. Esports teams and championship organizers make money on the game, and bettors make profit from bets.

eSports League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online game in the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, which was released in 2009 thanks to Riot Games. The daily audience of LoL exceeds 1,000,000 players.

The LoL scenario is reminiscent of Dota 2: two teams destroy the opponent’s enemy base. Ten people participate in the game – five in each team. Players take turns choosing a playable champion character, upgrading it with available skills and runes, and locking individual characters to choose an opponent. This deprives the enemy team of picking strong champion combos.

LOL betting

Most bookmakers have a wider lineup for League of Legends matches than for the same Dota. But bettors will inevitably face complex match analysis. The value is played by the blocking of individual characters by opponents – it is not known which specific champions will become unavailable.

First blood

First blood is the main factor that determines the start of the game. The team that kills the enemy character first will receive additional points needed to purchase power-ups. Bettors determine which team will be able to make the first kill.

Minimum time per card

The bettor predicts how long the confrontation will last on one map. It is extremely difficult to predict such a bet, except for the game in LIVE mode, but there the odds are lower.Even odd

The most popular of the “random” markets. Bookmakers offer to determine what will be the number of kills for each of the teams: even or odd. This market is used by experienced bettors who play according to the strategy.

According to statistics, in 53% of cases, the number of murders is odd.

Who will be the champion of the worlds

The betting market over the course is to determine who will become the world champion. You can also predict which teams will meet in the final match, which teams will be the first to leave the tournament, and which esportsman will become the most productive player according to the World Championship results.

Features of betting on League of Legends

The complexity of forecasting is the main feature of betting on LOL. More often than not, bettors play on League of Legends LIVE bets, because even three minutes of watching a live broadcast will help predict further developments in the arena. Playing in a prematch guarantees increased quotes, but carries unjustified risks. A safe market is a handicap, but not every bookmaker provides it.

5 tips for a beginner

There are no win-win strategies in the game on LoL bets, however, experienced esports bettors manage to win at a distance. Experienced bettors recommend beginners to bet on League of Legends, taking into account the following factors:

  1. Play cost exclusively in live.
  2. A favorable moment for a bet is the choice of characters. The bettor is based on this information, and the bookmaker has not yet had time to adjust the quotes.
  3. It is better to bet on the outcome immediately after the death of the Baron, in 70% of cases the team that managed to kill the main boss first wins.
  4. A good time to bet on a handicap is the destruction of the first tower. As soon as the minions move forward, the team gains an advantage and is likely to win. The handicap will become a safety net, and if you place a bet quickly, you can catch a profitable odds.
  5. Follow the actions of the “foresters”. A character that gains experience faster increases the team’s chances of winning. Bookmakers are also aware of this, and quotes have time to change proportionally.

Before betting, try to play at least two or three cards in League of Legends. This will help to understand the meaning of the game and its nuances.

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